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Handyman Skills

Handyman jobs cover a varied range of work from builder, decorating, home improvements and house maintaince and property repairs. Improving your property can make it more comfortable and maybe even add value.

Handyman and DIY tips - Helping You Improve Your Property

On improving your property we have lots of information on how everyday jobs can be undertaken with some handyman skills. Putting together flat pack furniture, repairing that sticking door, fixing the lock on your garden gate maybe. And if you don't feel you can "do it yourself" then why not get in a professional Handyman.

Handyman tips Handyman tips blog calculate the tiles for your bathroom how to stop sqeaking hinges blog post In the Garden : Putting Up Fencing


Improving your property website and blog includes resources such as our tips and ideas blog and the Tiling Calculator, the tile calculator is one of a series designed and coded by Adrian to help work out materials. If you are about to start a tiling job, for wall or floor tiles, and what to know "How many tiles do I need" then why not have a look at our calculator.

Handyman Blog

Our "Improving Your Property" blog has articles and "how to" tips to help with all sorts of work and jobs around your property. From putting up shelves to repairing chipped paintwork.

We will also have special features from time to time with more detailed information on an aspect of home improvements, so watch out for these in the coming months.

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