Tiling Calculator

Measuring for tiles

How many tiles do I need?

The tile calculator below can help you find out.

We have also included a feet to meter converter below to help.

So if you are about to tile your bathroom, tile a splash back in the kitchen or need to know how many tiles for flooring, with ceramic, glass, natural stone, polished, patterned or plain tiles the improvingyourproperty.co.uk tile calculator is a free to use resource.

Simply follow the instructions below. Tile calculator for wall, floor, border, mosaic or vinyl tiles.

How to calculate how many tiles you will need to buy

Do you need to convert feet to metres first? Use the feet to metres converter below first.

  1. Firstly you need to enter the width of the tile in millimetres, for example, if the width of the tile is 150mm (6 inch), you would enter 150, enter your figure in the tile width field in the calculator below. Do the same for the tile height.
  2. Next measure the width of the area to be tiled, for example, if the width of the walls are 3 metres wide you would enter 3, enter your figure in the area width field in the calculator below. Do the same for the area to be tiled height.
  3. Finally, specify the percentage you wish to add for breakages and wastage, we would recommend adding 10%. Select your percentage for wastage / breakage in the calculator below and then hit the calculate button to find out how many tiles you will require.
Tile calculator
Tile size (millimetres)

Tiled area size (metres)

Breakage and wastage allowance (optional)

Convert Feet to Metres converter

If you need to firstly convert feet to metres input you rounded up (e.g. 8 not 7'6) measurement into the feet box below and press the convert button. You can then use the resulting figures in metres in the tile calculator.

Feet to Metres converter

Disclaimer: This calculator should be used as an approximate guide only. Calculations are based on the figures you provide. We can take no responsibility for over or under ordering. We also recommend adding at least 10% for breakages and wastage.

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